Syllabus Work Week

Syllabus Work Week: January 2023


Would you like to engage in an iterative syllabus revision process aimed at effectively communicating learner-centered, inclusive course design and pedagogy? Join consultants from UCATT (formerly OIA) and the Office of General Education for one or both webinars with lots of Q&A time. Instructors involved in the GE Refresh are encouraged to participate. 

Wednesday, Jan 4: Foundations for a Learning-Focused Syllabus 

This webinar will address the foundational content, structure, and language of a syllabus. Our focus will be on a coherent plan and articulation of what learning is planned for the course, the logical representation of the learning journey, and strategies for approaching policies. 


Friday, Jan 6: Composing a Student-Friendly Syllabus 

This webinar will address the communication strategies. This will include a discussion of clarity in learning and engagement design, messages and tone that support a learning relationship between student and instructor, and considerations regarding equity and user friendliness. 


Both webinars take place from 10:00-11:00am (Arizona Time) on Zoom 

Includes: 1) 30-40 min presentation 2) 20-30 min Q&A and/or worktime 

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Emily Jo Schwaller

Wednesday (1/4): Foundations for a Learning-Focused Syllabus

Friday (1/6): Composing a Student-Friendly Syllabus

Monday (8/8): Communicating Logic and Alignment

Tuesday (8/9): Composing with the Learner in mind 

 Wednesday (8/10): Increasing Equity and Transparency

Thursday (8/11): Making Policies Meaningful for Students

Friday (8/12): Guided Peer Review Session

Resources from our Community During SWW 2022: 

Workshop Resources

Resources for Syllabus Development and Composition: