Our Team


Susan Miller-Cochran, Ph.D.

Executive Director of General Education

Program Coordination, Planning, & Budget

Mónica De Soto Vega, M.Ed.

Senior Manager, General Education Planning

Itzel Íñiguez, M.A.

Administrative Program Coordinator

Instructional Support and Technology

Katie Southard, Ph.D.

Director of Instructional Support

Emily Jo Schwaller, Ph.D.

Instructional Technology Coordinator

Julie Christen, M.A.

Instructor Support


Entry & Exit Course Coordinators

Tom Murray, M.A.

First Year Course Coordinator

Diversity & Equity Attribute Coordinator (Interim)

World Cultures & Societies Attribute Coordinator (Interim)

Devon Thomas, Ph.D.

Portfolio Course Coordinator

Exploring Perspectives Coordinator (Interim)


Elaine Marchello, Ph.D.

Director of Assessment

Analeigh Horton, M.A.


Instructor Support

Curriculum Coordinators

Rob Groves, Ph.D.

Building Connections Coordinator

Jessica Kapp, Ph.D.

Exploring Perspectives Coordinator

Nolan L. Cabrera, Ph.D.

Diversity & Equity Attribute Coordinator

Aimee Mapes, Ph.D.

Writing Attribute Coordinator

Maha Nassar, Ph.D.

World Cultures & Societies Attribute Coordinator

TBD Faculty Member

Civic Knowledge/American Institutions Coordinator

Dr. Erin Galyen

Quantitative Reasoning Attribute Curriculum Coordinator


Ryan Winet, Ph.D.

Director of Communications