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Syllabus Design in General Education 

While there is no required General Education Syllabus Template, here we provide a suggested resource for learner-centered and intentional syllabus composition for your General Education course. 

Instructor Guide to GE Syllabus Composition 

This Instructor’s Guide to Syllabus Composition was designed to support you in creating a course syllabus with students as the audience. It includes commentary, rationales, and explanations for a suggested syllabus outline. It explains and provides details about composing a syllabus, such as answering potential questions you have and offering sample language and ideas for various syllabus components. This guide also includes an appendix that highlights additional resources and contact information for instructors that desire specific support. 
You can either navigate to an Instructor Guide webpage or to the downloadable document (Word format). Both are meant to be searchable and do not have to be read in order. A hyperlinked table of contents allows you to jump to different sections and work with the guide selectively.

GE Syllabus Template 

The downloadable GE Syllabus Template (Word format) provides a “plug n’ play” version of the template provided. Please feel free to modify and make it your own*!
*Please be sure that syllabi are in compliance with UA syllabus policies.
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Instructor Guide to GE Syllabus Composition

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Downloadable GE Syllabus Template

We are here to support you!

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Additional Resources: 

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