Carly Croman

Assistant Professor of Practice

I came to teaching by way of human-centered design and a deep love of learning. While moving through a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Arizona, I had the opportunity to work on a community design project.  This hands-on learning experience led to my desire to deepen my skills as a designer and strategist. In 2018, I returned to the University of Arizona to work in experiential learning and eventually manage the LifeLab program. In 2021, I received my master’s degree in learning design and technology from Arizona State University. Upon graduating, I became the first in my family to complete a graduate degree. My professional interests center around designing for embodied learning, cultivating a sense of belonging in the classroom, and the intersection of emotions and learning. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy being outside, reading, writing, meditating, moving my body, and hosting friends at my house. I love to geek out and ask endless questions about almost any topic. If you need a conversation starter, just tell me about what you love!