Gil Mozer

Assistant Professor of Practice
he/him, they/them

I hold a PhD in English literature. My book project, "Writing Transgender: Speculative and Real" explores transgender writers' innovations in fiction across genres. In 2014, I started teaching​ ​first year college classes at community colleges and at the private research university where I was a grad student. Since then, I've designed and taught a broad range of courses on topics such as writing and personal narrative, science fiction, LGBTQ+ studies, art and the humanities, and courses wherein we study the varied textual landscapes of popular culture. While my background is in literature, I greatly value General Education courses too because they enable us to enrich and diversify our learning, perspectives, and skill sets- and they can unlock all kinds of opportunities. For example, travel is a passion of mine and so when I finished college, I was delighted to find myself getting paid to live and study in Europe as a direct result of work I did in my Gen. Ed. courses. These days I enjoy traveling all around Arizona, hiking, biking, and taking photos.