Aurora Sartori

Assistant Professor of Practice
she, her

My teaching journey began in Namibia as a Peace Corps volunteer English teacher and since then I’ve had the great pleasure of working in a wide variety of educational contexts. These have included the UA teacher education program, the Women and Gender Resource Center, adult education, museums, and youth programming at refugee resettlement organizations. In 2021, I graduated from the UA with my PhD in Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies, with a minor in Educational Leadership and Policy. Broadly speaking, my research interests are centered around the ways that people access, navigate, understand, and find belonging in educational spaces. My forthcoming article in Education Policy Analysis Archives uses mapping and a critical geographic lens to analyze school choice participation in Pima county. I am passionate about working collectively to make our educational systems equitable, accessible, and meaningful for all learners, and using teaching and learning as means of critically reflecting about our place in the world as we dream up new possibilities. I look forward to continuing this work with the General Education program. 

When I’m not teaching or nerding out over creative cartography, I love to explore the outdoors, take dance classes, read books, play the piano (poorly), and make art. I am also learning to sew, so if you see me proudly wearing some misshapen garment, you’ll know why!