Joseph Nardinelli

Assistant Professor of Practice
Photo of Professor Joey Nardinelli
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I have been teaching in one capacity or another – tutor, library staff trainer, substitute, graduate teacher, lecturer – for what has been over half my life; both my parents were also educators, so I often just say that I’ve “joined the family business.” At the University of Arizona, I have taught a variety of foundations writing courses, Honors first-year seminars, and summer sessions with New Start and the Writing Skills Improvement Program’s Young Writer’s Institute. I have an MA in English Literature from Arizona, but before that I attended UCLA where I initially majored in biochemistry but later transitioned over to English. Graduate school brought me to Tucson, where I’ve been teaching and learning for the past decade and a half. Writing and research skills, as well as pedagogy for first-year experiences, remain areas of professional interest for me. In my free time, I spend time with my family (typically readings or watching movies), delve through my back catalog of video games and D&D 5e sourcebooks, and expand my knowledge of all things science fictional, especially Star Wars.