March Teaching Tip: Reflecting on the Undergraduate Experience

March 30, 2022

The UA Faculty Learning Communities are currently reading the What Inclusive Instructors Do: Principles and Practices for Excellence in College Teaching by Marcella Addy et al. (free with library access). One essential tip is to get to know students and understand their cultural background, situations, and context. As you prepare your next class we recommend engaging in the following reflection questions:

  1. What was your first semester of college like? In what ways is the world similar or different for current students? 
  2. Look at data on UAIR, what do you notice about our student population? What biases/assumptions do you have about these different populations? 
  3. How do/can you adapt your class for the current experiences of undergraduate students? 

By continually reflecting on our teaching practices, we uphold what inclusive instructors do by being aware of our own biases, assumptions, and why we do what we do in the classroom.