New General Education Faculty Learning Communities!

Feb. 3, 2022

We are excited to announcement three new Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) centered around the new General Education curriculum.

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Mon, 2-3

Alternative Classroom Assessment in General Education, with Emily Jo Schwaller & Kathleen Kryger

Join our FLC to learn more about alternative assessment strategies such as ungrading, portfolios, contracting grading, peer review, collaborative rubric building, and more! Each session we will look at a different form of alternative classroom assessment and how they relate to our overall mission of creating more inclusive classroom spaces. 

Tues, 2-3

Building Connections in the Classroom: Implementing Multi-Perspective-Taking and Interdisciplinary Learning in the General Education, with Rob Groves

As we roll out the Gen Ed refresh, many of us are experimenting with new learning outcomes, assignments, assessments, and pedagogies in our attempts to help students realize the benefits of approaches that take advantage of multiple perspectives.   In this FLC, we'll collaboratively workshop our practices in helping our students develop multi-perspective thinking and helping ourselves effectively and efficiently execute revised courses and syllabi.  This community is designed primarily for those who are or will be teaching "Building Connections" courses, and/or those who are interested in revising their courses to become "Building Connections" courses, though everyone interested in the topic is welcome! 

Thurs, 11-2

Teaching from an Artist Perspective in the New General Education, with Brian Moon

In this FLC, we will explore practical ways to bring the artist’s perspective into the student learning environment; moving from theory into practice by exploring topics such as assignment design. While this community is designed primarily for those who are or will be teaching “Exploring Perspectives: Artist” courses as a part of the new Gen Ed curriculum, anyone interested in the topic is welcome to join!