August Teaching Tip: Best Online Teaching Strategies

Aug. 29, 2021

Last spring, a survey was sent out to faculty asking them about their online teaching experiences. You may remember getting it and filling it out. One of the questions had some interesting feedback that we wanted to share. Here are some of the more common answers to the question: What strategies have worked best in your pandemic teaching?

  • 15-20 minute lectures
  • Breakout groups
  • Using preceptors in breakout rooms for large classes
  • Show-n-tell
  • Hold optional live sessions
  • Discussion boards
  • Communicate in multiple formats
  • “Checklist” for each week/module
  • Linger after class in zoom to answer questions
  • Be flexible with deadlines
  • Be compassionate
  • Take ‘meta’ approach
  • Mini evaluations; no big stakes assignments
  • Deliver content asynchronous and use class time for discussions
  • Polling
  • Group work in google doc
  • Panopto
  • Playposit
  • Voicethread
  • MS Teams
  • Jamboard
  • Gradescope
  • D2L
  • Google

Maybe you had something that worked really well that you would like to share? Write it up and send it to us for a future newsletter!