Course Proposal Submission and Routing Process

For Faculty: How to Prepare your Course for Submission to GE 

PLEASE NOTE that submissions and routing has returned to the UAccess system. This submission and routing process will look different from submissions from the expedited submission process during Spring 2021-Spring 2022 and will no longer be accepted via Qualtrics to the Office of General Education. 
Instructors, please: 
  1. Identify the course you would like to propose AND consult your Department Head and/or Associate Dean regarding the course and course submission requirements specific to your department/college (e.g., internal curriculum review processes, course numbering systems).  
  2. Select and register for a Quick Start training that works with your schedule (required). Two modalities, a self-paced and a live-online mini-course, are offered. 
  3. Complete the General Education Course Proposal Form (ONLY accessible via the Quick Start and specific to General Education) AND an updated syllabus.
    • 3a. If your department has an internal curriculum review committee, submit your completed Course Proposal Form and Syllabus for approval. If not, proceed to step 4. If you are unsure, contact your Department Head.
  4. Submit your completed Course Proposal Form and Syllabus to your department’s Course Management Requester (CMR). This may be a manager, program coordinator, or administrative assistant. Contact your Department Head if you are unsure who to submit to.
Steps 1-4 must be completed by the faculty member completing the course proposal. Additional steps for submission will be completed by the department’s CMR. 

For Department Course Management Requesters (CMRs): How to Submit a GE Course in UAccess

The CMR will submit the information from the proposal and upload the syllabus to the UAccess system. Please click on the button below for the General Education Business Processing Guides

GenEd Business Processing Guides

Proposers and/or CMRs may be contacted at any point during this process by Curricular Affairs, the University-Wide General Education Committee and/or the Office of General Education. 


What Happens Next?


Routing of the GE course proposal occurs in UAccess in the following order: 

  1. Curricular Affairs will complete a pre-check.
  2. Department Head will review and, if applicable, approve. 
  3. College Dean will review and, if applicable, approve. 
  4. (If the course is cross listed): Cross-listed Department Head then College Dean will review and, if applicable, approve. 
  5. (If the course is honors): Honors College Dean will review and, if applicable, approve. 
  6. University Wide General Education Committee (UWGEC): The course will be reviewed by a UWGEC subgroup, and then sent to the full committee for review and vote.
    • If approved as is or with potential suggestions, the proposal moves forward.
    • If conditionally approved with required revisions, proposal review is on hold until revisions are returned for final review and approval.
  7. Curricular Affairs will review and, if applicable, approve. 
  8. (If the course is brand new): Ten day review period for cross-institutional viewing. 
  9. The Registrar will enter the course into the Catalog.