Advising Reports (ADVIP)

The section for General Education will change automatically. Changes to other sections will have to be made internally. 


For more robust elaborations of the course categories in terms of articulation, please see Course Category Descriptions for Advisors.

Yes: AGEC will cover new GE in completion. If a student comes in with an AGEC, then they have completed all General Education requirements.

The office of Transfer Credit and Articulation is updating the tables that liken exam scores to the new General Education curriculum.

Currently, the new General Education program is only offering courses that have been adapted from either Tiers General Education courses or courses already offered in the University Catalog. Because all courses in the new program retain their prefix, course number, and name, the same rules for credit by examination should apply to these courses in the new program. 

The University-wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) will begin reviewing brand new General Education courses in Summer or Fall of 2022.

Class Search & Catalog

Class Search is being modified with appropriate attributes for new course categories. A pop-up feature to warn students / advisors that the GE course they select is in the wrong curriculum (just in case) is also being developed for Spring 2022 matriculants. 

GE courses approved for Spring 2022 will appear in the course catalog October 1.

GE courses approved for Summer/Fall 2022 will appear in the course catalog March 1.

The Class Search view shows two possible GE options: General Ed (begins 2022) or General Ed Tiers (before 2022). To help students navigate this search, please provide them with this link.

Incoming Students

All Spring 2022 matriculants. This Soft Launch population (Spring 2022 matriculants) includes transfer and first year students across all campuses. The catalog has already been updated to specify that students matriculating in Spring 2022 and beyond need to complete the new curriculum.

Yes. The upper division requirement is an important component of the class offerings for Spring 2022 in the new curriculum.

The new General Education program is 32 units, a reduction from the 36 units required by the Tiers program. In addition, the new program allows for up to 9 units to be Double-Dipped. This reduction in total unit requirements and the expansion of double-dipped courses was developed in close dialogue with Colleges that offer higher-credit requirement Majors.

UNIV 101 & 301

UNIV 101 is an introduction to general education, not a college success course or an intro to the college/discipline/field. The content is completely different, so students could take both with no overlap.

UNIV 101 will be offered in person. We will have asynchronous sections for Arizona Online, but those students are taking all of their courses asynchronously. UNIV 301 will be an asynchronous online, 7.5 week course. This decision is primarily driven by room capacity. However, we plan to offer face to face workshops for students to support them in designing their Gen Ed eportfolios.

First year students will be pre-enrolled in UNIV 101 across all campuses.

Students have some flexibility. The earliest UNIV 301 can be taken is after a student has completed their foundations math and writing, and are completed/in progress with at least 5 of their 7 EP and BC courses.

New students who are classified as first-year students at the point of admission will be required to take UNIV 101 as their entry course and UNIV 301 as their exit course for General Education. Students will be pre-scheduled for UNIV 101 in their first semester, while students can enroll in 301 after completing Foundations Writing and Math, and are completed/in-progress with at least 5 of 7 Exploring Perspectives and/or Building Connections courses (Core Courses). 

All other new UArizona students (including transfer and readmitted students) will have the option of taking either or both of these courses but will not be required to complete them for graduation provided that they still complete the minimum number of units of general education coursework required by ABOR policy.