What is it?

Your GenEd ePortfolio is a space for you to collect, reflect, and make meaning of what you have learned as a result of your GenEd experience. Learning is an ongoing process, and your ePortfolio is a tool you will use to capture what you’ve learned and why that matters to you. The ePortfolio you will create and iterate on allows you to highlight what you have learned throughout your GenEd experience, so you will revisit it frequently.

You’ll start creating your GenEd ePortfolio in UNIV 101: Introduction to the General Education Experience. Consider it your "first draft". Throughout your GenEd program, you will add your Signature Assignments as you take more GenEd courses. You will create a final version of your GenEd ePortfolio in the UNIV 301: GenEd ePortfolio course. The final version of the GenEd ePortfolio for UNIV 301 will focus on your personal, academic, and professional goals, while highlighting the knowledge, skills, and competencies you have gained from your GenEd program.