UNIV 301: General Education Portfolio


UNIV 301 gives you the opportunity to reflect and make meaning of your general education experience while creating your ePortfolio.



on your general education journey to date


the value your general education experience


your General Education ePortfolio


There are enrollment requirements for this course. You can register for UNIV 301 once you have completed the following components of the General Education curriculum:
  • You have completed UNIV 101: Introduction to the General Education Experience
  • You have completed your Foundations Writing and Math courses
  • By the time you take UNIV 301, you have completed at least five of the seven Exploring Perspectives or Building Connections courses
If you are not eligible for the General Education Portfolio course, you will not be able to register for the course.


UNIV 301 is offered in fall, spring, and summer during 7-week sessions.

You can register once you have completed UNIV 101: Introduction to the General Education Experience, completed your foundations Math and Writing, and have completed at least five Exploring Perspectives and/or Building Connections courses.

First, confirm you meet the enrollment requirements for the course. If you do, fill out the UNIV 301 Registration Request form

Requests are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Completing the registration form does not guarantee registration in the course. 

The purpose of the class is for you to think critically about your experiences in your Gen Ed courses at the UA. You will be expected to demonstrate the General Education Program Learning Outcomes using many Signature Assignments and Learning Artifacts added to your ePortfolio. Completing most of your general education is essential to having enough learning to remember, reflect on, and include in your ePortfolio, and ultimately, successfully complete the course. 

That said, even if you have completed these prerequisites, but do not feel like you have enough to include in your ePortfolio, you can always take this course in a future term. This course is offered every fall, spring, and summer, every seven weeks. Some students find it helpful to take the course during the 7-week 2 term instead of 7-week 1 because they can include Signature Assignments and projects from the 15-week courses they are completing the same semester they are taking UNIV 301 since the due dates tend to correspond with the 7-week 2 term.

UNIV 301 is offered online and asynchronously (no weekly class meeting time). Each week involves readings, writing reflections, class discussions and activities, designed to have you building on and refining your ePortfolio each week. There are multiple online activities with due dates throughout the week. Time management strategies are important for online, asynchronous courses so you don’t fall behind in the class. Your instructor will hold office hours weekly so you can connect with them if you have questions about the course.

The purpose of the class is for you to think critically about your experiences in your courses at the UA. To do that, you will want to save learning artifacts and Signature Assignments from your general education coursework to help you remember, reflect, and demonstrate your learning. Learning artifacts might include things like a lab report, a group project, a presentation, or other original work you created. It’s good practice to hold only any coursework that was meaningful to you at the time. Doing this will help you complete the ePortfolio and UNIV 301 course.

First, review your Advising Report to determine how your transfer credit articulates to the UA General Education program requirements. Artifacts from your transfer courses can and should be included in your ePortfolio. Connect with your General Education Portfolio Instructor if you have specific questions or feedback on how to make meaning of your transfer experiences in your ePortfolio.