UNIV 101

UNIV 101: IntrO to the general education experience

1 unit

UNIV 101 gives you a foundation for your General Education experience at the University of Arizona.



the purpose and value of the General Education experience


General Education to your undergraduate studies and your experience as a lifelong learner


your learning through the Gen Ed ePortfolio



Abbreviated Syllabus

The UNIV 101 Abbreviated Syllabus provides the Course Objectives, Learning Outcomes, Required Materials, Assignments, and a Course Schedule. The course reader, Wildcat Perspectives, is available here as an Open Educational Resource.

Spanish/English UNIV 101

Did you grow up hearing or speaking Spanish? Have you taken Spanish language classes? If you would like to take UNIV 101 in a Spanish/English bilingual classroom, fill out this form! You don't need to be fluent or be able to use formal, academic Spanish language - just be able to speak and/or listen in both languages. You'll have the opportunity to use both languages in the classroom as well as in your assignments!