GE Office Hours

Description: Beginning in October 2021, the GE office will be hosting multiple opportunities for instructors to stop in to office hours, scheduled through Calendly: Please register for office hours for any of the following areas: 

Curricular Areas

  1. Exploring Perspectives

  2. Building Connections

  3. Diversity and Equity Attribute 

  4. Quantitative Reasoning Attribute 

  5. World Cultures and Societies Attribute

  6. Writing Attribute

  7. Entry/Exit Courses 

Support Areas

  1. General Course Proposal Form Preparation Questions

  2. Signature Assignments

  3. Pedagogical Approach 

Intended Audience: While intended for instructors transitioning their courses to the new GE curriculum, anyone with questions about the GE program can stop by. 

Contact: Please contact Katie Southard ( with any office hour questions or registration issues.