How to Read the Report

The Course Proposal Pipeline Report uses Tableau, a program that publishes tables and visualizations of data, to present your Course Proposal Status in close to real time. All information in the Report is updated on a weekly basis.

Proposal Status Definitions Guide

Proposal status stage
In Progress Submission anticipated or is in progress.
Proposal Submitted Course proposal has been submitted and recorded to database (AKA "intake"). Office of General Education (OGE) processes intake. OGE checks that all required fields have been completed. Instructors may be contacted regarding any issues during this stage. Once intake is completed, proposal moves to University-wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) review.
Proposal Not Submitted Proposal not submitted. Excludes any proposal that is currently in progress.
Proposal in Review Course proposal at some stage of review between OGE and UWGEC: After intake and up through UWGEC full committee voting. Instructors may be asked to submit revisions during this stage.
UWGEC Approved Voting on course proposal by UWGEC complete. Course proposal approved and ready to be forwarded to Curricular Affairs (CA) for inclusion into the course catalog and schedule of classes.
Catalog Entry Complete Approved course proposal entered into catalog by CA.