Quantitative Reasoning Attribute


Courses carrying the Quantitative Reasoning Attribute focus on analysing and interpreting quantitative information to tackle problems relevant to students, society and the world. In these courses, teachers help students to: 


the process of quantitative reasoning in course activities and assignments


previous experiences with quantitative reasoning and transfer those practices across questions and contexts 


disciplinary or field specific methodologies for working with quantitative information and/or ways to use quantitative information across disciplines


At UArizona, we value the importance of using and understanding quantitative information to formulate and support ideas. Through the GE Quantitative Reasoning Attribute, students have the opportunity to:

  • Generate ideas in real-world contexts, within a disciplinary or interdisciplinary problem.

  • Analyze and interpret data in meaningful ways.

  • Draw conclusions supported by evidence.

Required Student Learning Outcome:

Students will demonstrate competency in working with quantitative information by critically analyzing quantitative information, generating ideas that are supported by quantitative evidence, assessing the relevance of data and its associated implications in a variety of contexts, and communicating those ideas and/or associated interpretations using various formats (graphs, data tables, equations, oral presentations, or written reflections). 

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