Self-Paced Quick Start

Description: This is a module-based, self-paced introduction to the GE vision, curriculum and features for instructors preparing courses for the new General Education program.

Intended Audience: While the Quick Start was designed with instructors specifically in mind, anyone interested in learning about the GE curriculum is welcome to register! 

Registration: To register for the Self-Paced Quick Start:

  1. Log in to D2L at:
  2. Click the Discover link located at the top left side of the screen and search for General Education Self-Paced Quick Start 
  3. Once you find the course, select and click Enroll in Course 
  4. You can either click Open Course or use this direct link: 

Please contact Katie Southard with any questions or issues (

How is this helpful?:  The General Education Self-Paced Quick Start modules will:

  1. Walk instructors through each element of the new curriculum;
  2. Help to find course “fit” within the new program;
  3. Utilize reflective prompts culminating in materials needed to submit a course proposal.

How long will it take?: The Self-Paced Quick Start is intentionally designed for flexible levels of engagement. At a quick pace, one could browse the materials in 1-2 hrs. At an in-depth pace, instructors can expect each module to take roughly 1-2 hours, with a total of 5 modules.

What are the goals of Quick Start? At the completion of the series of interactive modules, instructors will be able to: 

  1. Recognize the elements of the General Education Refresh vision, curriculum, and key features;
  2. Align course components with GE curriculum components according to fit;
  3. Articulate components of courses that align with GE requirements and those that may need re-tooling or additional support;
  4. Identify key elements of the signature assignment and reflect on ways to meaningfully incorporate it into course structure;
  5. Apply learning to transitioning course design elements through exploring the new GE course proposal form.