As the University-wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) and Curricular Affairs work through current submissions, the submission window is closed to course modifications and to new course proposals. When the Office of General Education hears from UWGEC and Curricular Affairs that the submission window can be opened, we will make a University-wide announcement.

In the meantime, we encourage you to consider the steps outlined below for submitting a course proposal in the new General Education program. These steps will ensure that your course proposal will be ready for submission as soon as the call for proposals is announced.

The steps that you / your Department can proactively take in anticipation of a future call for proposals include:

  • Signing up and completing the Self-Paced Quick Start program, which will walk you through the process of modifying and / or developing a new course in General Education;
  • Curating the information for your course proposal (directions available through the Quick Start);
  • Completing the Course Proposal Form (available upon completion of Quick Start);
  • Developing a syllabus for the course, which will be required of new course proposals;.
  • Sending your course proposal form (and syllabus) to the required review entities in your college (i.e., your curriculum committee, department, Associate Dean, etc.).

For Staff & Administrators: When the new call occurs, submissions will be managed through the UAccess Curriculum Management - Course Add/Modify system. Although instructors will complete the proposal form, staff (i.e., program coordinators/managers) will be responsible for entering the form and attaching a syllabus into this system. Training on the new form and process will begin in summer and continue throughout the fall semester.