Spring Drop-in Consultations: GE Proposal Support

General Education Proposal Support


10 a.m. to noon, May 13, 2024

Finished the Quick Start but looking for feedback before submitting your course proposal? GE Faculty Coordinators and Instructional Support Team Members will be hosting online, small-group feedback sessions to support those challenging final stages of course proposal preparation. Join us on May 13th for feedback, coaching, and support on your GE course proposal draft.

Bring your course proposal form (in any level of completeness) for support in the following areas: 

  • Feedback on “fit” for the core course categories (EP vs. BC) and Attributes
  • Language suggestions for course objectives and student learning outcomes
  • Input on signature assignment framing and alignment
  • Suggestions for proposal and syllabus alignment
  • Tips regarding successful rhetorical strategies 
  • A top-to-bottom look at proposal alignment

Spring Drop-in Consultations: GE Proposal Support 

Online Workshop: May 13th | 10AM-12PM (AZ time)

Includes: Small-group and one-to-one course proposal feedback

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Questions? Contact Katie Southard (ksouthard@arizona.edu)

For more information about instructional support and the GE curriculum, please visit the Instructor Hub