Spring 2024 Quick Start Live-Online

Quick Start


All Day, Feb. 5 to March 1, 2024

Spring 2024 Offering of the Quick Start Live-Online

February 5-March 1, 2024

Register now by contacting Katie Southard (ksouthard@arizona.edu


This is an intensive, cohort-based mini-course that will support instructors as they create new or adapt current courses for the new GE program. The Quick Start Live-Online will provide the same information and materials as the self-paced Quick Start with the addition of collaborative workshops led by GE Faculty Coordinators, the GE Instructional Support Team, and UCATT collaborators. 

The mini-course encompasses four weeks (*NEW) with synchronous and asynchronous engagements throughout the week. This expanded four-week structure is designed to take the same amount of time for instructors to complete as the previous two-week version, simply with additional time for questions, reflection, and feedback on proposal drafts. 

The February cohort of the Quick Start Live-Online will be the ONLY offering for Spring 2024

The structure of the Quick Start is as follows: 

Mondays: Proposers will review asynchronous course components that will cover curricular elements, program expectations, and course proposal form preparation requirements.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Proposers will engage in one, one-hour synchronous live-online session covering key elements of the curriculum (see below). Live-sessions will be hosted on both Tuesday and Wednesday to provide flexibility in engagement for busy schedules. These live-sessions provide opportunity for instructors to ask questions and brainstorm ideas with colleagues who are knowledgeable about the new GE curriculum. 

Thursdays and Fridays: Proposers will register for one small-group drafting workshop to work on their course proposal form drafting with support from GE facilitators. Proposers can use this time to draft, ask questions, and get feedback on their proposal form. 

Live Sessions Schedule (Week One): Exploring Perspectives and Building Connections
  • (Option 1) Tues Feb 6th: 10-11am (AZ time)
  • (Option 2) Wed Feb 7th: 10-11am 
  • Thursday-Friday Small-group workshop options: TBD
Live Sessions Schedule (Week Two): Sessions with Attribute Faculty Coordinators (attend only those that apply) 

Diversity & Equity and World Cultures & Societies Live Session Options: 

  • (Option 1) Tues Feb 13th: 9:30-10:30am 
  • (Option 2) Wed Feb 14th: 9:30-10:30am

Writing Live Session Options: 

  • (Option 1) Tues Feb 13th: 10:30-11:30am
  • (Option 2) Wed Feb 14th: 10:30-11:30am

Quantitative Reasoning Live Session Options:

  • (Option 1) Tues Feb 13th: 11:30am-12:30pm
  • (Option 2) Wed Feb 14th: 1-2pm

Thursday-Friday Small-group workshop options: TBD

Live Sessions Schedule (Week Three): Student Learning Outcomes and Course Objectives
  • (Option 1) Tues Feb 20th: 11am-12pm
  • (Option 2) Wed Feb 21st: 11am-12pm
  • Thursday-Friday Small-group workshop options: TBD
Live Sessions Schedule (Week Four): Signature Assignments and Proposal Alignment 
  • (Option 1) Tues Feb 27th: 11am-12pm
  • (Option 2) Wed Feb 28th: 11am-12pm
  • Thursday-Friday Small-group workshop options: TBD