Advising Principles & Policies

Guiding Principles for Articulation

The new General Education is an innovative curriculum that emphasizes perspective-taking, interdisciplinary thinking, and reflection. Novel course categories, particularly Building Connections, may present challenges for transfer credit articulation.

The following principles should inform articulation:

  • Although some transfer courses do not exactly match an EP or BC course, they can be articulated if they meet the "spirit of the requirement";
  • Transfer articulation practices must not create additional barriers toward graduation (time, units, or expenses) for students;
  • Transfer articulation practices should be conversant with existing policies and guidelines for the Tiers curriculum whenever possible;
  • Transfer credit policies and guidelines should be flexible while also reflective of the integrity of the curriculum.

Catalog & Policies

The new GE Program serves students who matriculate in Spring 2022 or after. All approved policies for the new GE Program can be found on the General Education Curriculum (Spring 2022) Academic Policies page of the University of Arizona Catalog. Please note: The Office of General Education is currently working working on a revised transfer policy to provide more specificity. 

Students who matriculated before Spring 2022 are enrolled in the Tiers General Education Program. Tiers Program policies can be found on the the General Education Curriculum (Fall 2021) Academic Policies page.