Jess Kapp

Exploring Perspectives Coordinator
Portrait of Jess Kapp
she, her, hers

My first love is teaching! As an Associate Professor of Practice and the Associate Department Head in the Department of Geosciences I have the privilege of engaging with UA undergraduates every day. I teach a general education geology course for non-science majors (Geos 170), advise our undergraduate geology club (SESS – the Society of Earth Science Students), teach a 200–level course for majors (Geos 255 – Historical Geology), and participate in our undergraduate policy and curriculum committee, who are always working to improve the undergraduate experience for our majors. I also work with faculty on using active learning strategies in the classroom. I have taught classes as small as eight students and as large as 950 students, and I am a firm believer that no matter the size of the class, engaged learning can (and should) happen. I am also very interested in creating curriculum and experiences that make geology more accessible to all students, and am in the process of developing an on-line version of my general education course. Ultimately, I would like to spearhead an effort to create an on-line geosciences degree, making geology accessible not only to the outdoorsy, but for anyone who has a passion for the science and access to a computer.  I also work to encourage young women to explore the sciences – we need more women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields! A great first step is to preceptor a class – come talk to me about opportunities to be a part of a teaching team here in geosciences.