Course Proposal How-To

This page is designed to help instructors with the Course Proposal process for the new General Education initiative. The process has been organized into five steps below. Please note: The Course Proposal Form for the new General Education initiative is only available upon completing one of the Quick Start Programs (see Step Three).


Step One: Catalog Status

Currently, the University-Wide General Education Curriculum (UWGEC) Committee is only reviewing courses that already exist in the Catalog. The instructor submitting the proposal for a course must have taught the course or been directly responsible for training others to teach the course within the last two years.

For brand new courses (i.e. courses that do not yet exist in the Catalog), the course proposal window will likely open up next Summer or Fall (2022).


Step Two: Check with your Associate Dean

Course Proposals for the new General Education initiative must be nominated by the Associate Dean of your college or academic unit.


Step Three: Complete Quick Start

If you have not yet completed a Quick Start program, then you must register for either the Self-Paced or Live-Online version of Quick Start.

Previous Quick Start (QS) participants do not need to register for another Quick Start Live-Online to submit subsequent course proposals. If it would be useful, previous QS participants may utilize the self-paced QS materials or sign up for another Live-Online session; however, this is not required.

A link to the Course Proposal Form is available in d2l upon completion of Quick Start.


Register for Quick Start


Step Four: Submit Course Proposal

Once the Course Proposal Form has been submitted, the Office of General Education reviews the Form for basic compliance.* The Office of General Education then forwards the Form to the University-Wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) for formal Course Proposal Review.

Please see the Deadlines page on this website for more information about the Notification Timeline for your course.

*The Course Proposal is reviewed by Office of General Education (OGE) for compliance and forwarded for UWGEC Proposal Review. 24-48 hours after the submission deadline, OGE cross checks the Proposal against the list of courses submitted by Associate Deans, records the course, instructor, and Proposal details in a database, and then exports the Proposal to the UWGEC server file. Instructors may contact the OGE Administrative Program Coordinator, Itzel Iñiguez, for information on the status of their course proposal.


Step Five: Course Proposal Reviewed

Because of the need to process a large volume of course proposals necessary for the Fall 2022 roll out, instructors should anticipate a four to five week turnaround time between the start of UWGEC review and email distribution of proposal results and or revision request notices.

All result notifications will be sent to the instructor, the instructor’s College Associate Dean, and the Department Head. The UWGEC chair will also be carbon copied on these notifications.

Instructors and their administrators should look for the following notification categories:


UWGEC Decision Category

Opportunity to Re-Submit with Revisions
(if applicable) and Gen Ed Office Notification Steps

Required Action before GE Office Forwards to Curricular Affairs for Entry to Course Catalog

Approved: Course approved as Proposed


No instructor action required. Course forwarded for catalog update/entry.

Approved: Course approved as proposed with *potential* suggestions

Notice includes UWGEC’s **potential** suggestions to the instructor.


Conditional Approval: Requires revisions to be returned for follow up review by UWGEC Chair OR Full UWGEC Committee

Notice includes UWGEC feedback on **required** changes instructor must return to the GE Office for UWGEC final review. Notice will include Instructional Support details.

Upon second review, approved course forwarded to Curricular Affairs for catalog update/entry. See designated deadlines.

Table: Further evaluation by UWGEC required and/or modifications/revisions required for follow up review by UWGEC

Notice includes UWGEC feedback and Instructional Support details. Proposals are considered for resubmittal if submitted by a designated deadline.


Course Not a Good Fit for the GE curriculum, as it has been proposed.